Saturday, 20 July 2013

kundasang...the valley of life (4)

All the family members were in their sweet dreams after a long and hectic journey from Kudat. I leaved them with their nice blankets. It was so cold, I think the temperature was somewhere around 16 deg. celcius. There were times when the temperature drops to 13 deg. celcius, especially night time. It was drizzling the whole night. I was so tempted with the whole scene, and the breeze was so friendly accompanying me the night long. I cleaned my camera lenses to prepare for the up coming shots later on. 

I was at the window all night. Sound of the vehicles especially trucks broke the monotony of the quiet night. The dark night was made more melodious with the occasional flashes of lights and sounds of gruelling engines from the on coming and passing vehicles. I can notice from the window, glimpse of lights from the road in the distant in a fashionably abstract manner. When everything was drawn into silence, the sky with full of glittering stars became a constant companion. The best and most luxurious way to admire the whole scene was from the comfort of my bed. What a lovely sight and night.

I used to propose to a friend who's somebody in the state government to plan and build a R&R. The road in Kundasang is part of the trunk road connecting areas in the west to the eastern regions like Sandakan, Tawau and the like. It seems budget is the constraint. 

How beautiful to have a R&R in the highland area with the cool weather. Create full facilities from eateries to petrol stations and surau or even a traveller's lodge as the facilities/services offered to travellers commuting this route night and day. I can imagine people will love to stop by and enjoying the wonderful cool weather and businesses can be operating 24 hours. In a way we are helping local folks in business. 

I was involved in the planning of the developments of Tapah R&R, especially the Shell Petrol Station. Tapah R&R is known as one of the best R&R in the world and I think we can learn something in the development of R&R of quality standards. This highland R&R can be one of its kind in the country. It's a two different phenomena anyway. 

I should have the proper networking with the people in 'authority' or else it just remains a dream. Nowadays political connection is the key/fundamental in realising a project. How brilliant your idea is, without proper connection, it's just as good as a mere day dream and will be down the drain. It's a pity I'm not a local who knows how to get into the networking circles. Hopefully one day if God willing. 

At about 5am the sky started to brighten up. I can see the mountain in the distant although in mist and haze. My camera lens are  not suitable for low light so I have to wait a little longer till it suits my lens. I was awe struck by the beauty of God's creations. Suddenly the melody of  'sayang kinabalu' song struck my mind :

tinggi tinggi gunung kinabalu
tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu
biru biru hujung kinabalu tengok dari jauh
hati saya rindu
     kinabalu dekat di kundasang
     banyak sayur bulih pilih pilih
     apa guna pergi luar negeri
     naik kinabalu hati saya rindu
sumandak sumandak pun ramai menunggu
menari nari lenggang sumayau
sekali melihat melepak kulitnya
saya jatuh cinta
      saya sayang sayang kinabalu
      keamatan pesta bulan lima
      sayang sayang kita pergi tamu jalan tamparuli
      hati saya rindu.

It was about six in the morning. The sun started to rise. The whole view of Mount Kinabalu can be clearly seen. It's so enchanting, beautiful in its own way and I was drown in the whole lovely scene of the mountain. The blue green colour spectrum of the valley was so picturesque with the low clouds subdued on parts of the foot of the mountain.

This is what the first I saw with my naked eye. I can see the whole mountain tips and the widespread of the whole body horizontally. The low cloud formations on the tree tops added the drama to the scene. The trees were all soaked with dews and the enthusiastic mood brings the nostalgic memories when I was in Frazier Hills. The colours were so beautiful with a little bit of yellow, blue and spreads of pink. It's worth the waiting and the sacrificing of my sleep. I can't get this panorama everyday, so I'm so lucky this morning it's not raining like the last time I was here.

This is another closed up view with trees in the foreground look more visible with the part of the mountain as the backdrop. Clouds formation started to change. Part of the summit was overshadowed by the clouds. Funnily I saw the clouds started to rise from the spaces in between the rocks. All the while I thought the clouds are formed by the mist over the mountain tops. Well, I'm poor in geography subject.

I woke up all the family members after almost one hour, alone admiring the whole scene. All of them were excited with the views, after all this was the first time in their life witnessing this in 'life mode'. The sun started to shine brightly from all corners.

The whole mountain became clearer and the trees turned to golden colour. The chiaruscuro effect on the trees was so enchanting leaving the shadows on the trunk and the penetrating sunlights in between branches.

The image of the mountain was particularly impressive and  phenomenal. This is the scene that I cannot resist to paint. I know it's going to be lovely.

I saw the birds started coming out from the nests and flying around freely for the catch of the day. The sounds of other insects really made the whole surroundings looked and feel very lively. I used to remember my parents always reminded me to wake up early and learn something from the animals. God created them with special purposes, not just a mere creature to cheer this environment. Wake up early, perform 'subuh' prayer, 'doas' and seek forgiveness and start the day with a clear vision. Praying 'subuh' (morning prayer)  is actually so soothing, so peaceful and make us feel and realise our existence and as a form of thanks to God that we were given another life to stay on this planet. Always start the day with a 'pure heart'.

to be continued in part 5.