Friday, 22 May 2015

einas boutique, fashion city @7...jubah muslimah...


N/kawan saya: Bini kawe baru resign kat Canon tu..

SM: Guano pulok jadi lagu tu? Buke dio ore besar kat Canon tu..?

N: Lamo doh sangat keje situ...nak try wat bisnez pulok...dio tengok kawe happy dok dumoh...keje ikut suko masa kawe... pitih ada la masuk walau tak banyok pun...

SM: Dah bulih beli dua buah BMW tu kiro ado pitih la...hihihi..Waaaah laki bini dok nnego ni...bini demo jual gapo?

N: Jubah muslimah ... impot kain dari Korea...

SM: Hmmm...katne kedai nya tu?

N: Heee...kawe dok survey banyok tepat doh tapi paling best nya belake Jakel tu la...

SM: Kat situ ramai ore...bagus tu....dapat limpahan Jakel..area tu happening tul lo ni..

N: Tu la pasal...doa2 la getek....banyok doh pitih abih wat modal ni...

SM: Semoga rezeki melimpah...yang halal .. Amin.

Ari ni nak citer pasal pakaian wanita lak...hmmm of course it's about muslim women's apparel...jubah muslimah ... cam tu la... Saya dapat gambar2 ni semua yang di hantar oleh kawan saya semalam...through whatsapp...

Kebetulan lak isteri kawan saya ni kenal dengan Mem...his wife has  just resigned as an executive at Canon company Shah dia baru nak berjinak2 dengan perniagaan... It was a surprise that just within 2 weeks her sales has already reached RM2k...not bad as a starting business... Saya rasa kelebihan apparel ni ialah tentang design nya yang innovative and something different...unique gak la bagi pandangan saya...

Orang pompuan tahu la maksud saya tu...According to my friend his wife is the one who design those jubah...ikut citarasa terkini dan menggunakan material dari Korea...lycro katanya...Saya pun tak paham apa benda tu material...bagi penggemar fashion tau la kot..

Dia buka satu lot, share with some other premise at sek 7 Shah Alam...behind Jakel...Saya tanya bape harga...katanya tengok jenis design la..It ranges from RM80-RM250...Waah menarik gak ni...Sib baik saya lelaki...nak beli pun takde sapa yang nak pakai...Hihihii...len macam bunyi nya ni...huhuuuuhu..

Kalau nak tahu lebih nanti la saya tanya alamat kedai ni...Boleh la berhubung terus dengan tuan punya business ni... Bukan saya ada share pun..Saja saya tulis ni kerana saya suka pada design nya tu dan saja la war2kan untuk teman2 kalau ada yang berminat...Sekarang kan zaman maya...cyber..apa2 leh di viral kan...tul tak...?

Ni pun kira amal jariah gak...tolong orang secara ikhlas...dia tak pun suh saya tulis atau war2kan...semua secara kerelaan saya fact he does not know that I'm writing this journal...

berundur dulu...till next change...cheers.

Monday, 18 May 2015

peninsular malaysia island


I'm writing this journal in Manglish/Malaysian English version for easy reading especially for those layman out there...This is not supposed to be a technical or rather an academic paper...but just an article/journal for the masses. I hope it's worth sharing.

What? Are you kidding....! No..I'm will be a reality soon...on paper or on the theoretical side of it ...yes it is..It's already an Island...

So please just continue reading this narrative journal.

The government of Thailand has already signed a MOA/Memorendum Of Agreement with a company from the People's Republic of China to develop a canal known as Ithumus of Kra Canal or what is termed as...Trans - Isthmian Route/TIR on the southern provinces of Thailand.

The agreement was officially signed on the 10th April 2015 which was about one month ago. If I'm not mistaken Malaysia has already proposed this canal a few years back but was turned down by the government of Thailand at that time....may be, that was due to the reasons as part of the agenda in the IMT-GT/Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle treaty...

Historically, His Royal Highness, King Narai of Thailand used to come up with the idea of having this canal in 1677. He instructed a French engineer La Lamar to come up with a proposal to make his dream a reality but it was KIV/Keep In View, due to the technical incapabilities in proceeding with the idea. 

The proposed  TIR will involve 102km in distance with 400m width and 20m depth. This canal will shorten the travel distance for cargo, liners and other shipping vessel activities for 1200km...which they can avoid the travel using the Straits of Malacca in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. This will also cut cost on fuel, transportation cost, time travel and also avoiding the pirate activities in the Straits of Malacca.

The components of the development will also include the Airport, Convention Centre/Trade and Exhibition Centre equivalent to MICE/Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition, as well as a hub for the production of NGV Bus on CKD/Completely Knock Down basis. Two industrial zone related activities were proposed, 42,000 acres on the western and another 80,000 acres on the eastern gate respectively. Areas for future expansion of the canal were also designated. A real iconic project for the southern provinces of Thailand...a history in the making.

The whole project will be financed by the China group with a total cost of USD27billion for the period of 10 year span. The actual commencement date is not yet announced by the party involved. According to sources, this  will be the biggest man made canal project in Asia.

The direct adversed effect and challenges on this project will be the neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and of course Singapore. As we all know, the direct effect to the African countries was due to the presence of Suez Canal...same goes to this TIR project...

Those ports on the West Coast of Malaysia like Port of Tanjung Pelepas in Johor,  Port Klang in Selangor and Penang Port in Penang will be greatly affected on the business related to maritime, aviation and shipping activities.. I think Singapore will be having a nightmare because all this while Singapore Port is one of the most flourishing in term of maritime activities. In fact shipping related activity  has been one of the biggest economic activities and income earner for Singapore...

Well...we do not know what will surface after this..Singapore government is smart enough...may be they are already aware on the consequences about all these activities in Thailand and may be...well...may be they have already drafting the strategic or plan B on how to combat on the new development happening in Thailand recently.

For Malaysia...we have to think of something to compliment what Thailand is doing...We have a lot of intelligent economic strategist of our own...As a Town Planner I see this new phenomena as a challenge that's going to benefit us in some way or complimenting on the down stream activities...Since we are the closes to the project somehow or rather the ripples effect is of course will be to our advantage. I reckoned there will be a vast potential on the sprawl of activities on this so called project. Just open the eyes widely and place the blue ocean strategy on the right thinking cap.

In Town and Regional Planning aspect...this kind of mega development falls under the category of Regional Planning...part of discipline in Town Planning practice..We were taught on how to come up with strategies in making this Regional Planning as a tool in holistic approach in development by studying the opportunities and constraints as part of the value add criteria to the development.

One possible adverse effect that can be utilised is of course the locational advantage for the regions on the North and East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia...Areas in Perlis and Kedah which are in the vicinity of the development can compliment in the related fields that will be to our great concerns...The possible venture in Oil and Gas Hub, Tank Farms, IPP/Independent Power Plant and other related maritime activities can be considered as an ideal option.

On the other hand, Kelantan will be the biggest potential due to the locational advantage on the spill over effect on the development over Thailand...The possibilities of having a Distri Port, Oil and Gas Hub as well as other maritime based activities will score the highest point. Those countries on the Eastern Asian continent like Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea can have a direct link in business activities due to the distance related to economic and tourism sector.

The spin off effect on such a big scale development will prompt the East Coast States especially Kelantan to be an important Regional Growth Centre. Infact it can surpass Kuantan as the Regional Growth Centre based on the importance in the future contribution to the investment climate and economy of Malaysia. As it is, Kuantan was declared as the Regional Growth Centre for Eastern Corridor based on the growth hierarchy on Regional Planning perspective. 

With the proposed industrial site of 42,000 and 80,000 acres on both eastern and western  corridor respectively and the development of other physical structures, this project will spur or stimulate a huge economic booster to the southern provinces. The new airport will of course has an impact on the Malaysian aviation sector as well. 

In a way, in a socio-economic perspective, this will garner an effect on demographic structure on the  population distribution as the balancing act on the disparity of regions. This will of course encourage inter-migration from the densely populated northern corridor to the less populated southern corridor. On the present scenario, the southern provinces of Thailand are considered lacking in economic activity.  Injection dosage on the socio-economic related  need to be addressed and handled in a harmonic way. The southern provinces are muslim majority  and considered as the trouble waters of Thailand. Hopefully with the injection of economic booster, the trouble waters will be turned into a sweet dream instead of nightmare. 

It's some kind of blessing in disguised...We must remember that those provinces affected by the project are mainly of Malay ethnic which share the same norm and values that are so synonym with the people of Northern and Eastern States of Peninsular Malaysia. This is again acts as a contributing factor in complimenting to such development.

We hope that the opening of the canal will enrich the neighbours as well as the local do the people of Satun, Hatyai, Bangnara, Narathiwat...Just pray so that the project will becomes the economic booster to the people at large and hopefully the economic prosperity will be in line with the social and spiritual development on the people of the affected locality.

Apa orang kata....fakir itu sangat hampir kepada long as we know our roots...nothing can shake us.

Hopefully from today onwards our cendikiawan/scholars in the related fields can start thinking and cracking the heads in coming up with a practical and implementable blueprint for our beloved country. If it is already in the pipeline of doing so...thank God...

Thank you...hope this short and casual journal will be an eye opener for some interested party.

"Your environment largely shapes your future. Success means lots of discipline. When Rome stop disciplining, she started dying. The same holds for other 18 civilisations. If we don't continue discipline from within, it will be forced on us from outside. Our enemies' opinion of us is more accurate than our own...The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work supremely well."

cheers...till next episode...good night.

4.00 am.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

ketupat palas terbaik...len macam jer nih.


Ari ni kita citer pasal kuih yang memang sangat sinonim dengan masyarakat kat pantai timur...ketupat palas...

Selepas raptai untuk upacara perasmian PB Square esok pagi 3hb mei oleh KDYMM Sultan Terengganu... kami takde nak kemana lagi la...dah free pun... so Syed cadangkan kita pegi ke rumah salah seorang staff PMINT, kebetulan lak baru di lantik jadi COO untuk PB/Paya Bunga Square tu... nama nya Ku Min, anak murid Syed ni kat UTM Skudai ...kira ex student dia la.

Semalam dah jumpa pun dia...tapi baru first time..taklah meriah sangat, maklum lah kena jaga tingkah laku nanti apa lak kata orang kalau tiba2 wat lawak tak tentu arah. Semalam masa jumpa staff PMINT tu, termasuk GM dan pegawai2 kanan kat situ, semuanya ok...ramah mesra belaka...Takde hal pun...Mungkin gak faktor umur...Kita dah matured dan makin wiser ..Mesti ada keyakinan dan orang tengok pun takde la macam tengok student pada kita.

Kul 5 petang Pak Pin pemandu PMINT dah tercongok kat depan Grand Puteri Motel tempat kami nginap...Wah .. punctual tul...Ok la tu, bagus cam tu kerja...Tempat yang di tuju ialah Wakaf Mempelam...rumah Ku Min...Kata nya ari ni ada jamuan untuk kawan2 wife nya...Macam re union gitu ada la makan2 jadi kami di jemput sama.

Tak la jauh mana pun...dalam setengah jam gitu la. Kawasan perumahan...kebanyakannya rumah sesebuah...mungkin dalam sekitar 6 ke 7 ribu kaki persegi tiap lot. Ketika kami sampai wife Ku Min baru nak kuar..ada hal kat luar katanya...

Saya nampak ada banyak kuih atas meja..yang paling saya kenal ...hmmmm...ketupat palas serta ada juga kuih2 lain yang saya tak kenal.

SM: Ni ketupat palas, yang jenis manis ke tawar?

WKM/wife KU MIN: Yang manis, ada inti lagi tu.

SM: Kalau yang tawar orang tempat saya cicah dengan manisan.

WKM: Ni pun kawan dari Kelatang yang bawa...bukan Ganu punya ni..

SM: Oh ye ke...nak try la satu.

Saya pun ambik satu biji..Waaah len macam tul..Dalam tu ada serunding dan kacang dan takde la manis rasanya..Abih la jugak 4 biji sambil dok sembang2 tu...Yang lain2 makanan... ada laksa dan kuih dari Kelantan macam akok la tapi bukan akok...manis rasanya...Tak boleh makan banyak...terlalu manis..not to my standard...

Ada laksam atas meja tu...memang fevret la..Pe lagi, kami  kayuh la pelan2...Syed pun nampak nya suka gak laksam ni... Kita yang kena adunkan sendiri...Yang peliknya garam, sambal dan belacan memang ada untuk di adunkan secukup rasa... Kuah dan laksam serta ulaman tu dah di potong siap2...Buat lah sendiri...tuang lah kuah sendiri...Ni memang adat dan cara orang pantai timur pun..

Selepas makan, kami rilek kat laman tempat letak kereta..sembang2 sebelum balik. Rupanya Ku Min ni kenal baik dengan Pok Ceh, my ex classmate dengan Syed tu pun...Syed ni ngajar kat UTM sejak dulu lagi selepas dia berhenti keje kat Kelantan dia pegi sambung belajar.... Dia minat sangat nak jadi ahli akademik...Kita orang memang keje lain2 tempat la...Pok Ceh ni dulu jadi Pegawai Perancang Bandar dengan MPKT..Sekarang berehat kat umah...masalah kesihatan...

KM/Ku Min: Ni pojek Pok Ceh la..dia beli tanah kemudian  dia pecah lot...dulu murah je dia jual...belas2 ribu satu lot...saya beli dua lot...RM18k satu...

SM: Sekarang dah mahal la kot tanah kat sini...dah matured pun tempat ni...

KM: Sebelah umah ni yang tanah kosong tu...RM280k satu lot sekarang, dah takde lagi tanah lot kat sini...

SM: Sekarang umah ni pun rasanya dah lebih setengah juta harganya...untung gak la dapat tanah ni..

KM: Ya la lebih kurang cam tu la...bandar kecik cam ni la..lain la kalau KL tu.

SM: Memang pun..sekarang kat SA... Macam tempat saya, teres pun dah RM600k ke atas..Kalau kat Bukit Jelutong umah teres pun dah sejuta lebih...they are selling the lifestyle...the address..

Dah hampir maghrib...sebelum minta diri untuk berlalu, saya rakamkan kawasan sekitar ... Yang menarik hati saya, ada bunga cempaka yang sedang berkembang mekar di laman rumah dekat dengan pintu masuk.... Baunya sungguh harum...

Dalam remang2 senja kami menyusuri jalan ke KT menuju motel...Esok function bermula jam 10am... 

Sekian terima kasih...jumpa lagi di lain keluaran.